Member Guidelines

In an effort to maintain the professionalism of our organization, listed below are guidelines governing our meetings.  These guidelines are meant to help us be productive in the one hour we have each week.  As our group continues to grow, these guidelines will help us manage our time together and allow the PWN organization to best serve all its members.


Consistent attendance is necessary in order to remain an active member, however to allow only one missed meeting per month.  If you must miss more than one meeting per month, please email the membership President to give your reason.  For Holiday Weekends, we do no meet on those Friday mornings.  The Friday is determined based on how the holiday falls.   Weather Advisory:  If Guilford County Schools delays or cancels school on a Friday, our PWN meeting will be cancelled.

Start Time and Networking:

Our meetings will begin promptly at 8:00 am.  Please arrive by 7:45 am for your networking opportunities.  This will also allow time to help yourself to coffee and be in place around our meeting tables before the 8:00 start time.


Please limit your presentation to 20 minutes and allow an additional 5 minutes for Q & A. We will use a timer for presentations and commercials if needed.

Printed Materials:

Avoid passing out any printed materials before or during our meetings or presentations. We will have a table set up for your flyers so that you can direct the members to your information during your commercial.  Announcements concerning your business should be emailed to Susan Harding at


Commercials will be limited to 30 seconds.  Now is the time to practice what you want to say so that your words will have the most impact in this short time frame.  This should include your name, company name, the service or product of your company and what specifically you are looking for at this time.

What Hat Do You Wear for PWN?  Please stay with the business you had when you joined PWN.  Sometimes people switch businesses or add an additional business.   Before promoting a new business, it must first be approved by the board to insure it does not compete with another PWN business.

Meeting Agenda

7:45 am  – arrive – networking opportunity – 15 minutes
8:00 am – call to order by President and reciting of our mission statement
8:02 am – welcoming of guests and announcements by President concerning our PWN meetings
8:05 am – introduction of presenter
8:20 am – presenter concludes their presentation and opens up for Q &A
8:25 am – presenter returns to her seat and applauded for her presentation
8:30 am – commercials begin
8:45 am – meeting adjourned – networking opportunity time


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